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Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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The Need to Be Right (Mon)

Centering Thought of the Day

“The need to be right is the sign of a vulgar mind.”~Camus
It is quite the burden to be right all the time. To always feel obligated to have the answers and to argue that your answers are the only ones that should be known. It is draining on the mind and soul to have such responsibility and will cause distress to the soul. Worrying the mind. Causing self-doubt and insecurity. It allows others to view you as superior to them.  But you also are seen as completely inept in realizing your own errors. Yet you do have them. Being right means you’re never wrong- when it is quite clear that as a human being you sometimes err.  You just don’t realize it. Such a headache it must cause.  Others view you as insensitive, uncaring or maybe they know you are simply human but disconnect from you in order to stay away from your self-centeredness. That is what they call it. Not the need to be right. But the need to be in the center of attention. The spotlight.  A seeker of assurance that you are the star of every showing. An insecure human. Even if that isn’t your intent.
You will be misunderstood, misjudged, and ignored by others. You will find yourself hurt and sometimes feeling alone. Please give up the need to be right. The consequences are far greater than the need. Is it worth the breaking of  a relationship? A friendship? Being alone without love? Maybe you are right but do you need to be vocal about it? Be quiet. Silence your tongue. Learn to listen and inspire others. Edify others with your goodness and peacefulness not correction. Nor with the loud clanging symbols of your lips. There is no need to put someone in their place.  So don’t. Let others learn from their mistakes.
Let go of obligation or the need to feel good enough. Rise above your voice. Become free.
Read. Learn. Share. Grow.