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Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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Your Path for 2014


Happy New Year! As you walk the path of 2014, I hope to help you find something to reflect upon. Your life. Your relationships. Your mind, body, and spirit. Time to take care of you. The best place to start is with reflection.

Life Lessons

Looking at what has been can be quite difficult but it should be done.  Mistakes you’ve made. Life changes and transitions. Losses and victories. Your job is to view them. See them for what they are and what they have become in your life. Not to judge oneself. These are the lessons of life. What will make you a better and stronger. So, face the fear,  tears, and joys.  And then accept them.

Needing Assistance

Sometimes you may need help with looking at the past. That is fine. Our past can feel too heavy or too dark for us to bare. So we must learn to lean on another and ask for help.  Do not feel weakened because you must reach out to a therapist, counselor, teacher, or coach. They are created in this world to guide those stuck. To help you find your way. Most of all to teach you to look without judgment.

Whether the past has beautiful or scary material. The point is to not linger there. It is to figure out what you are being taught so you can decide to move in any direction you choose. To be free. On the path you have chosen.

Centering Thought for Today


Read. Learn. Share. Grow.