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Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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Ready to Surrender?

Centering Thought of the Day

“Surrender to what is. Say “yes” to life — and see how life suddenly starts working for you rather than against you.”~Tolle


It is time to surrender to something greater than yourself. To walk a path that is unknown even if you’re afraid. Surrendering oneself to the mercy of God, a Higher Power, or a Supreme Being is very hard for many. We need to be in control of our lives every minute and in every moment of the day. But that control does not allow us to grow nor learn our purpose. You can go college, find a partner, marry, have children, buy a house or car. This can make you feel like you are truly in control of your life. But it isn’t. It is an example of what you can do for yourself but it isn’t necessarily something to surrender too.

It is time to surrender. Surrender to more than just what you do or have. But to your life’s purpose to what the universe has for you. To what works in your life. Stop worrying about tomorrow or the next couple of hours. Just give your beautiful ideas, wishes, and dreams to the universe.

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