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Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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Impression (Tues)

Centering Thought of the Day

“Wake up and live.”~Unknown


Many go through life trying to impress upon others that they deserve to exist. How about you? Is it your boss, parents, friends, or partner? Somehow we convince ourselves that we need their approval to be where we are today. It has become the central component of living life. We may call it ambition, goals, or competition but it is really about impressing others. And by doing so we ruin the most important relationship.  The relationship with ourselves.  We forget who we are and start to wonder, ‘Why am I here?’ or  ‘What is my purpose?’ It isn’t a bad idea to ask those questions sometimes, but much of the time it does not come from having a rude awakening, but by proving our self-worth to someone else.

So, whom are we trying to impress? Who are we trying to race to the finish line? For the journey of life is usually for you and you alone. Thus we can give up the need in making good or bad impressions. We can stop saying to ourselves, “I will show you.” We can finally begin living the life we want to live.

It is okay to be on this planet. Stop asking.  We were created to be on it- so live in it. Make mistakes. Create something. Love and cry. Stay single or get married. Travel or be a homebody. Get a degree or don’t. But live for you. Life is your own. Write your story. And do not worry who reads it. It is only important that it is written and that you love what you have written.

Read. Learn. Share. Grow.