Live Your Truth: Change Your Life

Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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Thought of the Day (Mon)

changemyselfMost of us don’t even think about change until something drastic occurs or it is a new year then it is about resolutions that we keep for a few weeks, a few months, and then we are back to same old stuff. But you do have the power to renew and refresh your life. You just have start choosing smaller goals instead of the big large ones that take forever to reach.

So instead of saying you want to lose 100lb make it 20lb or even 5lbs. You want to save money but you touch the money you save. Open up a holiday account an account you are not allowed to touch and put money it. No not $100 a week start out with $25 and increase it. Smaller steps become doable ones and doable ones makes you feel better about yourself and inspires more of a reason for you to handle more challenging change.

Changing yourself is definitely your hands.