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Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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We Are Not Invisible

We are people just like you. With feelings and deserve to be treated with respect, consideration, genuineness, and truth. Why continue to try tear us down with your nonsense and lies? Why continue to make us feel we do not exist? We live. We breathe air. We bleed and we most definitely feel.

Stop hiding behind cell phones and computer screens. Stalking through text and undertones. You don’t like us? We were not created to be liked by all we or by you. We were created to serve and understand those whom may be different from us. You are jealous. Find your own path and turn jealousy into something beautiful. Everyone’s mark on this planet will be different than your own. Leave what does not belong to you alone.

Focus. Stop speaking negative. Your words are a projection of your own reality? What you truly are or are afraid to be. We do not need  approval to succeed nor for you to support us, but do not work stop us from creating, evolving, and growing. It takes more energy to kill someone vision or spirit than to create your very own dynasty and garden. Despite what is thought- we are human. A miracle. Unique. Beautiful. Powerful. We laugh. We cry. We feel things. And one thing we know without a doubt. We are not invisible. See us. See us now. See us fully.

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final Retreat flyer backA123

Meet your lovely host of Journey to Wellness Women’s Empowerment Retreat 2015….Dr. Aunjuli Hicks!

Dr. Hicks is a licensed mental health professional and nationally certified counselor who has worked in the field of counseling for over 18 years.

Journey to Wellness Women’s Empowerment Retreat is the ultimate dream for Dr. Hicks to bring women of all walks of life to heal grow and celebrate life together in a special way. Well, with the blessings of her late grandmother it’s a reality on April 10th -12th, 2015.

Dr. Hicks also desires to support a local domestic violence agency with proceeds from sponsors and the “Gift Auction” to be held on April 11th.
S.O.F.I.A., owned and operated by Empowerment Speaker Cynthia Walker, is the recipient of Journey to Wellness Women’s Empowerment Retreat 2015 gift donation.

Please join us and support our efforts to make a difference

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