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Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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Centering Thought of the Day (Tues)

Centering Thought of the Day

“Let today be the day…You look for the good in everyone you meet.”~Maraboli


Do you judge others? Of course you do. You do so everyday. As a human being our brain seeks out to understand and complete a story to whatever we hear, see, feel, taste, or touch. But it can cause us to become anxious and stress. Creating stories  from our heads that are untrue.  Once we do this, we start defining people based on what feel and think we know about them- not on facts or truth. Causing great hurt and harm to others as well as ourselves. Judging does not always make us wiser. It can corrupt our souls.

So, it is time for you to stop creating stories. To see yourself and others for exactly who they are in the present moment. Not the future or the past. Remember not everyone is out to harm you. Look to everyone and everything with non-judging eyes first. Create stories based on truth.

Let God be your guide to help you see fully.

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