Live Your Truth: Change Your Life

Aunjuli Hicks, PhD

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Centering Thought of the Day

“The true test of our character is what we do when no one is watching.“~Unknown


How do others perceive you? A good person? Strong? Reliable? Responsible? It is important at times to know where you stand in the eyes of others. It often helps us take a look at ourselves. But sometimes relying on others isn’t always a true testament of you. Some people enjoy making you feel inferior, afraid, or weak. Their goal is to shake your foundation. Not so good. So depending on others is a toss up. It can either be good fruit to your soul or dangerous. So the next question is how do you perceive yourself?

Most people these days base self-esteem on what they do for a living. Just ask them. They will begin telling you what they do for work, their title, and their work activities. They never tell you who they are, because most don’t even know. Or have some belief that they are not suppose to talk about themselves without being viewed negatively. Thus no one gets to know anyone. Another example of this is when you make a phone call for service or business. Most start the call with, “Hello, I am calling because….” They never introduce themselves, which by the way you should. “Hi, my name is (fill in the blank) and I am calling because….” By introducing yourself you tell others who you are. It is a beginning of a true connection with someone. So start doing it.  Stop hiding.

Your character is even deeper than your name. It is connected to the fibers of culture, religion or non-religion, socialization by your parents, relatives, and friends. Your true self is the one no one truly sees. The self that in private you think, say, and do things no one knows about.  It is the secrets you hold dear to your heart. It is this important part of you that you need to continue to mold, create, and become unafraid to let others see. Your truth. Of course privacy is important. You should be able to have time for yourself and to do the things you love without others being nosy. But what about doing them without fear? Without hiding behind a stage.

Character is precious and more valuable than silver or gold. So, if you are hiding something that is detrimental to your soul. Maybe it is time for change. To start living truthfully and genuinely so you can perceive yourself differently. Value yourself in public and in private.

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